The Data Science and Decision Making journal will be officially launched in Q4/2021.

Data science is growing significantly in this world where data is produced exponentially every year. Basically, as the name itself says, it is the science about the data. If you have any kind of data and if you want to derive some insides out of it, then it is what data science is all about. We can get information from the data, but how do we get knowledge from the data? Based on that knowledge extracted, how can you get actionable insides and how can you actually take actions to benefit your business from the raw data that you are collecting is what data science is all about. So, taking data and somehow impacting your business so as to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business is the other perspective of data science.  In earlier days data is not available, computing power is not that good to process immense data but these days a lot of data is produced out of many sensors, social media, etc., very good computing power is provided by many resources to process the data and awesome algorithms are being developed by many people to process these things, data science is getting more prominent these days

Author and reader audience:

Research Scholars, Industrial Experts, Post Graduate students, and Conference proceedings.

Aims and Scope:

The scope of the journal includes descriptions of data systems, their implementations and their publication, applications, infrastructures, software, legal, reproducibility and transparency issues, the availability and usability of complex datasets, and with a particular focus on the principles, policies, and practices for open data.


Prof. dr. Rajkumar Rajaseharan Ph.D. (Vellore Institute of Technology, School of Computer Science and EngineeringVellore, India).

Editorial Board Opportunities

We are looking for an (enterprising) scientist (Assistant/Associate Professor), principal or senior researcher, or postgraduate researcher active in academia, industry, or CRO.

A potential candidate should have a Ph.D. degree (must), several years of hands-on experience in Data Sciences, and broad interest and demonstrable expertise in the general Data Sciences and related fields is a must. The candidate should be willing to work in a multidisciplinary environment with other editorial board colleagues. The journal requires proficiency in the English language and proven experience in the general publication process of scientific articles is a pré.

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