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As an innovative publisher of open access, BSP is always interested in exploring new opportunities, including launching new journals or digital products. Whether you have a proposal or are simply interested in exploring a new idea, please contact us:

Dr. Roland J.W. Meesters, Journal Publisher,

New OA Journal Proposals

If you are preparing a proposal for a brand new journal, please include the following sections into your proposal. We kindly ask you to be so complete as possible for the sections:


  • Your preferred title for the journal and alternate suggested titles

Aim and Scope

  • A brief description of the journal’s proposed mission, aims, and scope

Journal’s Landscape

  • List of similar or competitive journals in the field, including their age, frequency, publisher, and (if possible) average number of articles published each year

Academic/Scholarly Landscape

  • Overview of academic programs and courses appropriate to the journal’s subject area
  • Evidence that research and scholarship in this area is increasing
  • Short list of appropriate societies, conferences, and meetings for this title

Rationale for new journal

Please provide a succinct case for launching this journal, including:

  • Why is this journal needed?
  • What void does it address in the field?
  • What benefit does the journal provide to the academic and/or professional community?
  • How will this journal differ from other journals in the field?

Editorial Structure

  • Outline of the proposed editorial structure (Executive Editor, Editor, Associate Editors, Editorial Advisory Board, Editorial Board, etc.)
  • Name, title, affiliation, and brief bio for proposed editor(s) and other key members of the editorial team
  • Proposed Editorial Board with affiliations (noting any guaranteed acceptances or confirmations if applicable)

Publishing Format

  • Open Access (mandatory)!
  • Proposed frequency (annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly).
  • Proposed number of articles per year


  • Describe the type of content to be published in the journal (article types)
  • Indicate what types of content will be refereed and what type of review will be implemented (double blind, open, etc.)


  • Describe any support (financial or otherwise) that is, or might be, available for the journal
  • Please detail what support (financial or otherwise) is requested or required from Betasciencepress Publishing

Submission of Proposals

Submit new journal proposals at

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