We are proud on providing a supportive and accessible service for our authors throughout the whole publishing process. As a matter of fact, many authors have already chosen to publish and recognized the benefits of publishing with us over the past 5 years because of following reasons:

Open Access Publishing

Since the launch of our first journal in 2015, all published articles have been full open access. This means articles are free to access from anywhere in the world, and licensed for reuse. As well as being published on our website, your article will be available on Google Scholar, Directory of Open Access Journals, and major full-text repositories.

Important, as an author you always retain the copyright to your work. By licensing your work under the Creative Commons Attribution License, your article can be re-used and re-distributed without any restrictions what so ever, as long as your original work is correctly cited by the new author(s).

Publication Speed

BSP offers relatively fast publication while providing rigorous peer review to maintain the integrity of information. Thus, the time from submission to first decision vary depending on the journal. Above all, in the majority of our actual journals, your article is available for publication after an average 8-10 weeks. As your article will be open access, it will be immediately and freely available and reusable without restriction.


BSP commits to the highest standards of peer review. Editorial and peer review policies are available in the “Submission Guidelines” on each journal’s website. We check all manuscript submissions on plagiarism and ethics related issues. This process ensures every editorial decision is as fair and transparent as possible.


We’re committed to promoting your research as widely as we can and ensure your research is easy to find and cite. We help you making your ideas and knowledge accessible to other researchers, communities and institutions around the world.

The next time you’re looking for a publisher of your research we like to invite you considering us and discover the benefits of publishing with us.

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