BSP’s manuscript submission and tracking systems support the ORCiD (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) identifier, which is an ID that uniquely attaches your identity to your research work, such as your articles and datasets.

Benefit for authors of having an ORCiD

Since each individual researcher has an unique ORCiD number no more confusion will be caused with another researcher who has the same or a similar name. You get the credit for your work.

Whenever and wherever you publish—your ORCiD iD remains the same. You only need to register once.

Registration at

Go to and register:  

What are the benefits of ORCiD?

  • Many researchers share the same or similar name, as well names can change throughout the career. With an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCiD), you can persistently associate your name with your published research works.
  • In our manuscript submission and tracking system (ManuscriptManager) you have the option of including your ORCiD iD.
  • If you already have an ORCiD iD, our submission system will automatically fill in your profile.
  • The ORCiD iD icon will appear next to your name in the article. Clicking on the icon will take readers to your profile on and allow them to discover your further publications.
  • Go to and get your personal iD  ​​​​​​​