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Journal of Applied Bioanalysis
Vol.5, No.1, January 15, 2019 (ISSN 2405-710X)


Welcome to the fifth Volume of Journal of Applied Bioanalysis
Roland J.W. Meesters
doi: 10.17145/jab.19.001, Pages 1-6.
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Meet the Editor

Meet the Editor: Dr. Kai Wang
Kai Wang
doi: 10.17145/jab.19.002, Pages 7-8.
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Trends in Sample Preparation for the HPLC Determination of Penicillins in Biofluids
Vasileios Alampanos, Victoria Samanidou, Ioannis Papadoyannis
doi: 10.17145/jab.19.003, Pages 9-17.
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